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Did you know everything that is made needs to be sold at one point or another?  It doesn’t matter what the item or category is.  The sale of it is what makes a business… a business. That sounds simple enough; all you have to do is open up your deal and away you go, right?  Well even if it was that simple, at some point you will have supplied, serviced and or entertained everyone in your area.  Hopefully, the cost of operation will not increase, competition will not show up, your target audience will not fluctuate, and additional capital or funding to grow your business is no needed.  Should all these things not be experienced… you will have done well.
The reality is, cost do go up creating the need to increase profits (called price increase).  Competition does show up (called everyone has the right to do what you did).  Population does change, your original customers are older and because of other new products you have to do something to attract the age group you originally opened to serve. Keep in mind you are older too, so you have changed.  What does this all mean? It means: whatever you do for income, if you want it to be enjoyable, successful and not beating you up day in and day out, you must first:
Attempt to be organized not only in your work, but also in all that you do.

This creates on going practice for the game in which you are engaged in (called your job).
Have the spirit and desire to self teach or teach yourself. This is nothing more than being highly observant of the surrounding and activities that the job puts in. 
Limit your spontaneous activities, for this continues you to start things over & over all the time.  Hampering your progress and ability to stay focused.
Look at your associates, employees, and partners etc. as teammates, be concerned with their progress and offer to stand in the gap.  Remember, when one area of an organization is suffering when it fails your labor and rewards will be in vain as well.
Be willing to listen to true experience.  Don’t be thin skinned and don’t criticize just to be a mouth or to side up with someone.
Be responsible for what’s in your court and be your brother’s keeper. If you fell short via selfinfliction or circumstances, in the family it’s OK to say I messed up, wasn’t on my game.

Shared vision, harmonics, meetings, and quality information are keys in keeping forward momentum.
These are but a few basic yet key points that work day in and day out in any system of supply. If this information makes sense to you, we are on our way.  If it does not fit your grove, you’re probably short changing yourself because you are certainly short changing your teammates.  Ever company needs good team members!
“You are as good as the troops on your team.”